Our Story Passionate about supporting organisations and individuals

EnergisedtoThrive is on a mission to inspire progressive organisations, teams and individuals to thrive, and learn to work and live in a state of energised high performance.

Ian Rustige

Founder, Trainer and Coach

Ian is a facilitator and coach for blue-chip pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline and founder of EnergisedtoThrive. His passion is working with individuals and teams to develop resilience and greater levels of performance and fulfilment.

Ian understands the challenges and opportunities corporate and personal life can bring. Following 14 successful years working across industry in the areas of business improvement, change and learning, Ian experienced a period of burnout. After receiving some life-changing coaching, he began to set up his next professional chapter driven by his passion for enabling organisations and individuals to develop greater levels of performance, fulfilment, and to enhance professional and personal development. Ian facilitates GSK's Human Energy Management courses, and invested in his own development as a business and personal coach. He is also a coach on GSK's flagship Women’s Leadership Equality Programme, high potentials Future Strategy Programme and return to work programme.

Ian set up EnergisedtoThrive to help support leaders and organisations to empower their staff to adopt healthier productive lifestyles - to empower choice, boost energy and improve professional and personal performance. The business is based on two beliefs: firstly, we CAN have it all and find a win:win to support business performance whilst achieving individual and personal success and wellbeing, and secondly, each of us has a huge reservoir of potential into which we can tap to achieve exactly what we want.

Ian holds an engineering degree, a masters degree in management and is an ACC International Coach Federation credentialled coach. Ian also loves spending time relaxing with his wife and two children in nature and can be often spotted running or cycling in the Surrey Hills.

Our Values At the heart of how we work

Authenticity : We bring our true selves to the party! This is what clients buy into when receiving our training and coaching. We have a genuine interest in supporting and enabling you to do your best work.

Transparency : Our approach is open, honest and vulnerable. We share what we know and also what we don’t know.

Performance : in a competitive world, performance is essential but we work to create a culture of performance in perspective. We aim to have fun while we bring out the best in you, so you can perform at your peak.

Balance : We work with you as a whole person so you can consider every aspect of you as an individual. Within this, we work with balance so you can build awareness of how to truly operate at your best.

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