Are you a Senior Leader, HR Director or Learning Manager who believes in inspiring employees to become highly resilient, high performing and highly energised ?

55% of all UK employees feel under excessive pressure or are exhausted.

CIPD 2017 Survey

Research shows the ROI of providing proactive interventions to tackle this can be up to 6:1.

Deloitte Study 2017

Training | Coaching | Culture Change Helping you and your employees Thrive

At EnergisedtoThrive we’re on a simple mission: we partner with progressive organisations to inspire teams, leaders and individuals to thrive, by giving people the skills and knowledge to master their energy and performance. We connect business and wellbeing to create healthier, more productive workforces by embedding remarkable energy, resilience and coaching skills.

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Client feedback

"Positively impacted every aspect of my life"

Claire, R and D Manager

"Thank you for being a fantastic coach"

Elena, Global Marketing Manager

"A highly effective way to activate the self-renewal process"

Andrea, NHS

"In this uncertain, rapidly
changing and some-
times volatile world,
each of us needs a
space to pause and
connect with who we
really are. At Energised
to Thrive we create
that space so
you can bring out
your best self."

Ian Rustige, ACC
Founder and Coach

What makes us different?

We focus on employee energy and performance, not just wellbeing.

We provide a winning combination of training and coaching experience to deliver deep sustained change.

We deliver a tailored change approach to fit exactly to your needs.

How we work with our clients It's nice and simple...

1) We meet to get an understanding of your challenges, needs and what matters most to you.

2) We co-create an approach which could include an overall programme or just one-off interventions to fulfill your aims around employee energy, resilience and wellbeing.

3) We deliver flawlessly what we agreed.

4) We review successes, outcomes, feedback and any next steps.

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